The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

Small business owners know the value of having a website. However, most of these websites have not been optimised to be Search Engine friendly. A lot of these businesses fail to leverage on their websites to actually get the results they need for business (e.g. generate sales leads)

Why is a website without SEO useless?

Customer Loss– There are around 3.5 billion searches per day in Google. That’s around 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. If your website is not connected to Google efficiently, you are losing a lot of opportunities.

Opportunity Loss–  Having a good SEO strategy enables small businesses to carve out niches for their products and services. Long-tail keywords enable businesses to dominate specialized keyword strings.

A lot of companies from retail, restaurant, etc., were able to generate leads from Google. The traffic enabled them to convert visitors into paying clients. If your company has not yet applied this strategy, you are losing massive sales opportunities from.

Brand Equity Loss – Today’s consumers are information driven. Before purchasing, customers conduct diligent ‘micro-researches’ on the products and services they are interested in. They check for reviews, the distribution channels and branches, the press articles and other blogs written about the company, etc.

Investing in an efficient SEO strategy allows your company to beat your competitors by crawling up to the top results when people search for the products and services you offer. SEO allows your website to dominate the 1st and 2nd page ranking of Google. This increases trust for your brands. The more organized and visible your information, the more people will be converted to get your service.

SEO is like setting up a store in a suitable location. People trust a store that is situated on a reputable community and have captivating in-store displays/marketing.

Why is outsourcing SEO expertise more efficient for small business?

Many businesses, especially those on a budget, try to run their own SEO through their sites. However, without expert guidance and the time to dedicate to these activities, a lot of these owners fail. They may have spent time and resources but still failed to attain the high ranking on valuable keywords and Google site rankings. Here are some benefits why you should explore outsourcing it:

Technical Proficiency – There is a highly technical ecosystem of processes behind SEO. This involves keyword search, keyword placing, back-linking, among others. If a business owner decides to execute and maintain an SEO strategy, one needs to know HTML and other programming languages to make your web pages optimised for Search Engines.

Marketing Proficiency– SEO also requires online marketing skill. People need to know how to run a keyword search, competitor analysis, and keyword analytics. They need to know which keywords to target and the types of content which will work to help them reach the top spots.

SEO requires a lot of building contents for the site. SEO specialists are experienced on this. They can create the best sets of articles to attain your objectives. They also know who to partner with you to amplify your content and site backlinks.

* Cost Savings – a small business owner who tries to do it themselves are at risk of burning more money and not achieving their desired results. They spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to rank high in search engines. They spent a lot of time creating articles but fail to increase their site ranking.

SEO specialists are trained and experience on this. An owner can spend 6 months to a year with all the learning curve and trial and error. An SEO specialist can achieve it in less than 4 months.

* Focus on your Business- SEO is not the core competency of your company. It is best to leave it to the experts. Allow them to do their voodoo. Focus on other important aspects of your business. Once they are done, you can reap the benefits of an ultra-charged SEO-driven site (more visitors and more customers).

How Social Media contributes to the companies SEO

Social media plays a big role in increasing your site ranking. Here’s how:

Back-linking– Linking your company’s social media pages (FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) will increase your site ranking. Google puts weight on sites that establish media presence on these top social sites. Having a Google + account increases your chances of landing a number 1 spot for searches directly related to your company name.

Article Distribution– Social media allows you to distribute articles to Facebook, Twitter etc. Putting the links of your articles allow your followers to retweet or share your content. This helps in spreading the word around. It gives exposure for your brand to bloggers and news sites.

These media outlets can pick up your article and publish it as content for their sites. Being published at the website of CNN for example increases your site ranking. Having lots of bloggers talking about your site also increases it significantly.