The Importance of Keyword Research for SEO Strategy

Knowing your market means knowing what they’re looking for: Importance of Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is very essential for any business. Sure you can invest heavily in having nice graphics and user experience for your website. It can look very premium even beating the Apple website. But if your website doesn’t hit the right keywords in Google it is practically worthless.

Availing good SEO Service is important to make your website more visible to the public. In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a good SEO keyword research for your website. We would like to enlighten business owners on this critical first step for SEO success.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an activity wherein owners and SEO specialists study what are the key strings your customer will use when finding your product/services. It is a scientific approach to determining: what are the best keywords that yield more traffic to your site for less cost.

This research will require an understanding of customer behavior. Understanding their needs, understanding what stuff they would like to know more related to your company.

This research involves segmentation and targeting of your customers. Isolating their demographics and focusing on content creation that targets those segments. This activity will boost up organic traffic to your site.

Why Keyword Research is Important

Search Ranking– in a study by internet marketers from around the world, it was discovered that those that rank 1 to 3 in Google have the highest chances of being clicked by people. 80% will most likely click on sites listed at those ranks.

If your site rank 4 or below, it will have a lower click through rate. They key on having a good placement in Google is having effect keywords content.

Get More Niched Customers– let’s say you are running a photography retail shop in Sydney Australia. You will be tempted to capture the “photography” keyword. Common sense will dictate that a lot of people will surely search using that keyword.

However, the keyword “photography” is highly contested. You are competing against Wikipedia and Amazon on this. Even if you spend millions it would be impossible and impractical to get a top placement using that.

Instead of competing for the said keyword, why not target long tail types of keywords such as “photography store Sydney Australia” or “best photography store Sydney Australia”. You will find it easier to rank #1 for those keywords and get certified Sydney photography professionals and enthusiasts visiting your site.

Understanding your Customer- the first rule in successful marketing is understanding how your customers think. It is important to know what are their needs and aspirations. With keyword research, you will be surprised at the information that you will uncover.

In coming up with website articles, you will uncover what are the things going through your customers’ mind before going through a sale. It will help you refine your brand and product offering. Keyword research can also help you see your own strength and weakness.

We encountered some clients who were surprised to discover what their customers think about their product. They were able to see new business opportunities by studying the information needs of their clients.

Dominating Competition– part of keyword research is understanding what are the key strings your competitors are using. From this activity, you will be able to understand which part of your marketing should improve to counteract against your competitor’s messaging.

By identifying your competitor’s strategy, you can improve your sales and marketing efforts. You will be able to launch more effective campaigns to get more slice of the pie.